Adrian Angelico – Mezzo-soprano

May 2017: Reviews are coming in after Stellis Polaris’ artist Adrian Angelico’s tour to France (Rouen) and Italy (Trento) with ”Quartett”: In translation:

”Adrian Angelico delivers a large expressive palette, playing alternately the savage Marquise, (—) then during the role-play (—) the seductive Valmont and the not so innocent Volanges. His treble, close to the cry or calls of the Walkyries at Wagner, pierced the space and tinged with irony. When she turns into Vicomte, she uses her deep voice to become a sorcerer. She then plays Volanges falsely innocent and with the lust of the Marquise oozing out through all her pores.” (Damien Dutilleul, Olyrix)

”Adrian Angelico, a real mezzoprano with an extraordinary range including roundness and fullness, sketches Marquise de Merteuil with a relentless wildness. The phrase is sculpted, not a single word is lost or doesn’t find the right way. It should be said that Angelico, a woman born, has recently made a gender transition and this helps to bring life to the character in an even deeper way, making her duality palpable.” (Alessandro Cammarano, Anteprima Stampa)

Adrian Angelico made his debut at The Royal Opera Covent Garden in June 2014 in Luca Francesconi’s opera ”Quartett” based on Heiner Müller’s stage version of ”Les Liaisons dangereuses” and it was highly acclaimed. Angelico created Marquise de Merteuil as one out of two singers in the opera (the other is Valmont). An extreme role for a greatly gifted singer.