Beate Mordal, Norwegian Soprano

Beate Mordal is praised after step-in role debut as Vitellia writes:

“Beate Mordal who sang Vitellia is a lyric coloratura but still able to produce plenty of strong tone in Vitellia’s final aria which sits notoriously low for a soprano. Having a voice with such bright flexibility to it in the role gave Vitellia a youthful feeling, rather than being scheming she was in many ways just as uncertain as Sesto. Mordal made that final aria almost touching at time, and she is one of the few performers in the role that have made Vitellia almost sympathetic.” writes: “(—) Beate Mordal’s fine Vitellia, whose star aria “Non più di fiori” is a high point in Act 2.”

You can see Bergen National Opera’s production of Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito” here until 15 April 2021.